The background to FSAMP

Aviation safety relies on the reliability of aircraft construction and maintenance, the competence of pilots and traffic management staff, the quality of ground handling and airport services, the way in which security services combat terror threats, the way in which cabin crews deal with air-rage and other factors. Today’s approach to aviation safety is holistic, with strong pro-active, evidence-based, aviation safety activities requiring a systematic approach to managing the machine-human-environment relationships interconnecting each of the above elements.

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International approach to aviation safety

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ‘s “Global Aviation Safety Plan” (GASP) defines the approach to Aviation Safety agreed by the member states including Uzbekistan and Russia. It expects that by 2025, each member state will have established an effective safety oversight system and have implemented the ICAO State Safety Programme Framework. GASP has a clearly defined framework based on four safety performance enablers:

  • the effective and coordinated implementation of safety management Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs);
  • international and regional cooperation to coordinate the implementation of safety policies, oversight activities and the components of State safety programmes (SSP) and Safety management systems (SMS);
  • investment in maintaining, upgrading and replacing aviation infrastructure as well as in training future aviation professionals;
  • the exchange of safety information to detect emerging safety issues and facilitate effective preventative action whilst ensuring that such information is adequately protected.

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The FSAMP project

Discussions with experts in the Uzbekistan and Russian aviation sectors identified “Personnel training “ as a key priority in developing staff competencies in safety management systems in such areas as pilot training, engineering, and the management of the aerospace sector.

As a result, an Erasmus+ project financed by the European Union and supported by the governments of the Republic of Uzbekistan and of the Russian Federation has been established with the aim of developing a masters program in Flight Safety and Airworthiness based on collaboration between HEIs in the participating countries (Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, UK, Spain and Italy) to enhance the competence levels of those involved in the aviation industry in the area of safety management.

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What is Erasmus+

Erasmus+ - is a programme of the European Union, aimed at supporting cooperation in the field of higher education, professional training, youth and sport.